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A Lifetime Performance of Love, LaQianya Huynh's 1st Book Event

DVD...LaQianya Thompson Huynh's, First Book Event...
Prose Poetry, Narrative Poems & Lyric Prose Sang with Love & Passion...with "LaQianya's Love Note Players".
Also, the dancers are from Ritmo Y Sabor Salsa formally known as Salsa Caliente in Gainesville, Florida.

Simply experience live poetry from the heart and soul. Featuring, Pristine Stringz (Ben Derrico & Quinn Bass), Tristan Harvey, Terry Wissel, Jeff Shapiro, David Willkomm, Alessandro De Angelis, Eli Tragash, Jared Booch, & Dain Norman at the Alachua Country Library.
Front Cover

Compilations of Love

Experience an unusual blend of words that allows you to figuratively imagine love and life that people could encounter in sensational partnerships that possess passionate connections between monogamous couples around the globe.

You will also find literary prose that embraces romance and symbolic irony through prose poetry, various couplets, free verse prose, iambic pentameters, love ballads, lyric poems, romantic soliloquies, alliteration, and rhythm that poetically illustrates desire and need for love when it seems impossible.

This book will simply beckon your heart and souls in hopes that you will surrender to a healthy, passionate relationship that will allow you to simply feel and appreciate love and all of its complexities. And accept that this life can be exciting, challenging, and unpredictable no matter how clever, genuine, religious, or ridiculous you are.

Softcover and E-Books are offered online, ordered from any book store, online distributor's website, or directly from the Author.
Front Cover

Lovely Endearments

As an adolescent I wrote narratives, lyrics and ode prose. Yet, this book was mostly inspired by real life experiences, international travel, friends and family that I will never forget. In this book you will discover love and its various endearments through foreign words, dramatic monologues, ballads, and free verse prose. For the most part, romanticism text conveys my most deeply embedded thoughts. As you read, I hope that my words will enlighten your wonderful heart and calm your soul. Welcome to my world and always remember my motto: “Love from the heart makes you stronger!”

Hardcover, Softcover & E-Books can be purchased from the Author locally.
Hardcover, Softcover and E-Books are available online, ordered from any book store, online distributor's website, or directly from the Author's website.