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A Lifetime Performance of Love, LaQianya Huynh's 1st Book Event

$10.00 USD
LaQianya Thompson Huynh's, First Book Event...
Prose Poetry, Narrative Poems & Lyric Prose Sang with Love & Passion...with "LaQianya's Love´╗┐ Note Players".
Also, the dancers are from Ritmo Y Sabor Salsa formally known as Salsa Caliente in Gainesville, Florida.

Simply experience live poetry from the heart and soul. Featuring, Pristine Stringz (Ben Derrico & Quinn Bass), Tristan Harvey, Terry Wissel, Jeff Shapiro, David Willkomm, Alessandro De Angelis, Eli Tragash, Jared Booch, & Dain Norman..."LaQianya's Love Note Players"at the Alachua Country Library.